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Your Fully Loaded iPad!

Here are a few tips for your brand new ArtScroll iPad!

  • Your iPad comes pre-loaded with all the digital content that we have available so far! This includes:

  • The Complete English Shas
  • The Hebrew Shas (in progress)
  • *NEW* The Mishnayos Elucidated! 

  • The Wasserman Digital Siddur Ashkenaz
  • The Jaffa Digital Tanach
  • much much more!

  • Yes! You can also access this content on your existing devices! To do so, you will first need to log in on your Fully Loaded iPad with your account. You can do this by tapping on the 'My ArtScroll Account" link on the Store page within the app (Menu > Store). Sign in there to link your device to your account. 

    Once that one is linked, please go do the same thing on your other device! Please note, that when you link more than one device to your account, you will be asked to verify your account by typing in the credit card number that you have saved on your account as your Preferred Payment Method. As we do not save credit cards by default, you might not have one saved on there! To save one on your account, please log in to Your Account on, and save a card to your Preferred Payment Method.

    After you have entered in the credit card number, and successfully linked your device to your account, all your purchased content will be available to download via the "My Purchased Volumes" link on the Store page within the app.

  • Please browse through this website for tutorials on all the different features and settings of the app!

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