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What's new in 3.2.1

We are very proud to announce the release of the Digital Hebrew Edition of the Schottenstein Talmud!

To celebrate this release, we are offering those who have previously bought the Digital English Edition of Gittin, the Hebrew Edition for FREE! To learn more about how to download your free volume, please see: Free Hebrew Volume of Gittin.

Here are some of the new features released in 3.2.1:

  • Many have asked for it, so here it is! You can now double-tap the screen while on iPad and iPad Pro to go into full screen mode.
  • We have also added two new options to the BNH popover - Search Words and Search References.

Search Words allows you to select a word and then search for it throughout the Digital Library!

Search References allows you to select a word and then search for every place that references that spot throughout the Digital Library!

For example, you can select the first Tosafos in Berachos, and see every other place that references that Tosafos!

  • We are proud to announce the release of the digital Rambam (to be released soon)! This will bring all the 1000's of Rambam links alive!

This will allow you to view the Halachic ruling of the Rambam as referenced by the Ein Mishpat on the side of the Gemara:

  • If your device is set up in Hebrew, the menus and buttons will now show in Hebrew as well:
  • When learning from a Hebrew Volume, we have put new Vilna/Hebrew Translation icons to switch between sides:
  • You can now access the History directly from the masthead to provide smoother transitions back to what you were learning from a reference lookup.


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