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Upgrade from RustyBrick Siddur to Wasserman Digital Artscroll Siddur

If you already have the RustyBrick Siddur app on your iOS/Android device, for a limited time, you can upgrade to the Wasserman Digital ArtScroll Siddur for $1.99!

Note: To get the discount you must first have the updated version of the RustyBrick Siddur on your iOS/Android device.

Important: The Wasserman Digital ArtScroll Siddur is only Nusach Ashkenaz.

  1. Open up the ArtScroll app on your device. If you do not have the Artscroll App on your device:
    1. On Apple devices, click here: Download the ArtScroll Digital Library - Apple
    2. On Android devices, click here: Download the Artscroll Digital Library - Android
  2. Go to the ArtScroll App's "Store" page via Menu > Store
  3. Select the "Wasserman Digital ArtScroll Siddur", and you will be given the option in gold "Existing RustyBrick Siddur Users: Upgrade Now for $1.99!"
  4. Tap on the gold box - the app will try to locate the RustyBrick Siddur on your device - once it has confirmed that the Rustybrick Siddur is installed on your device then:
    1. On Apple devices you may be prompted to enter your itunes user name and password
    2. On Android devices the ArtScroll Siddur will begin downloading to your library.

Note: This upgrade will ADD the ArtScroll Digital Siddur to your device, and will not affect your use of the RustyBrick Siddur at all.