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Basic Siddur Usage

Here are some tips for the basic usage of the new Siddur in the Artscroll Digital Library app.

To scroll through the Siddur, you can choose to go left-to-right, or up-and-down. To learn how to set your preference, please see: Scrolling Options.


To advance through the Siddur sections, use the "Next" and "Previous" buttons:

You can easily skip to another section via the Table of Contents (TOC) button:


There are three viewing options, the Hebrew side, the English Translation side, and the Split Page view.

You can switch views using the "Book" button:


To access the Split Page view, you must rotate your device so the "Split" button appears:

We also added in a quick "Go-To-Siddur" button that allows you to go straight to the Siddur from any other books/seforim you have open, without having to go through the library:

Check out our new Siddur menu, with all the new features we have added for the Siddur. For a brief overview of these features, please see: A Quick Siddur Overview.

To view and change your settings, tap on the "gear" button. To learn more about all the Siddur settings, please see: Siddur Settings.