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The ArtScroll Smart Siddur

The All New ArtScroll Smart Siddur - Wasserman Edition

  • The ArtScroll Smart Siddur is currently only available for apple devices - iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and iPad
  • The Android version will be available no later than May 2015 
  • If you own the the RustyBrick Siddur and you have the latest Version installed on the device that you are making the purchase on - you will be able to get an upgrade discount
    • You must have the Latest Version of the  RustyBrick Siddur installed on that device for the Verification to happen
    • Once you have purchased the upgrade you will be able to get the app on other devices - so if you have the iphone version and you make the purchase on iphone - you will be able to get the ipad version for free afterwards.
  • The Siddur is designed to work in Smart Siddur mode and non-smart Siddur mode
    • In Smart mode - the Siddur will show you just what you need for that day - all grey boxes and prayers that are not for that day will be hidden
    • In Non-Smart Mode - the Siddur table of contents will show you everything in the Siddur - and in the various prayers you will have the time bound selections and instructions usually in a grey box
  • There are a number of Smart Setting that let you customize the app - please experiment with them so that the Siddur is how you like it
  • Please send us your comments - and feedback which we value - so that we can make this Siddur even better!