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What's new in Version 3.0

The ArtScroll Hebrew English Smart Siddur Wasserman Edition is now available!

The Siddur has the look and feel of the Classic ArtScroll Siddur - with integrated Smart Siddur Technology and features.

*****Upgrade from the RustyBrick Smart Siddur and Save 50% ****

The Classic ArtScroll Fonts, Layout, Translation and design will make you instantly familiar with this siddur!

- Phrase by Phrase Translation

- Synchronized Split Screen

- Hyperlinks to Laws, Sources and References to the Talmud

But this Siddur can be dynamically customized based on your own personal preferences.

Change Font Size, Pagination, Scrolling Direction, Table of Contents Language, Rotation Lock, Top of Bottom Navigation.

Plus the most extensive Smart Siddur Features Ever!

The Siddur will dynamically display only the relevant prayers for that day and time.

Automatically will change on Rosh Chodesh, Chanukah, Purim, Fast Days, Chol Hamoed, Selichos

- Dynamic Torah Reading

- House of Mourning

- No Minyan

- Optional Prayers

- Turn instructions on and off

- Israel & Jerusalem Settings

 Plus These Additional Features

- Zmanim

- Luach and Events

- Minyanim

- Mizrach

- Mishaberach Lists

- Verses for Name

- Book Marks

- Notes

- Highlights

- Siddur Search

...and much more!


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