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Smart Siddur Enabled

With the release of of the Wasserman Digital Edition of the Siddur, we are excited to present to you the Smart Siddur! 

When Smart Siddur is enabled, it will automatically show you only what is associated with that particular day. You will also then have access to all the other "Smart Settings" only available in smart mode.

Among the many things this feature does is appropriately add in Mashiv Haruach, V'Sein Bracha/V'Sein Tal Umatar L'Bracha, the Torah Reading for that week, the Shir Shel Yom, and much more!

One of the built-in features with Smart Siddur is the "Smart Table of Contents", so on a normal Friday, your Smart Table of Contents would look like this:

But if today was Rosh Chodesh, your Smart Table of Contents would look like this:

And you would now see Yaaleh V'Yavo in the Amidah, the day's Torah Reading, and etc.


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