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Upgrading your Individual Volume Purchases to a Multi-Volume Set

If you have purchased any individual volume(s) in any way and you now want to buy the complete set that contains those purchased volume(s), our automated system will will allow you to upgrade your purchases and give you credit for the number of volumes that you have already purchased.

This upgrade process will only work when you make the upgrade purchase of the set through the ArtScroll website and only after after you have logged from your account and have connected your devices to the account .

1. You must first connect your device with an account. If you do not have an account, please tap on the following link to create one: Create an Artscroll Account

  • To connect your device, open the Artscroll Digital Library app, go to the "Store" page (Menu>Store) and you will see a tab called "My Artscroll Account". Sign in with your credentials and your device will be connected.
2. Once you have successfully connected your device, you can now make your purchase through the Artscroll app website:

3. You must log in to your account to view your available discount for the set you wish to purchase.

4. Add your desired set to your cart, and you will be given a credit for your previously purchased volumes at checkout.

Note: The credit will be based on the current price of an individual volume. This is not necessarily what you paid for the volume(s).