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Show Hyperlinks on Translation Page

The Show Hyperlinks setting allows you to turn on or off the hyperlinks on the English translation page.

You can access this setting by tapping the gear button on the top right of your screen or by selecting Menu > Settings. Note: Depending on your device and/or app version, this menu may look a little different.

With Show Hyperlinks turned on, you will have access to the hyperlinks, and your page will look like this (note the link to "above (3b)" toward the top right):


With Show Hyperlinks turned off, you will not have access to the hyperlinks (they will appear as regular text), and your page will look like this:


Note: This setting will not affect the hyperlinks in the Footnotes section. They can be adjusted independently. See Show Hyperlinks in Footnotes.

Note: Hyperlinks to content that you have on your device appear in blue.
Hyperlinks to content that is not downloaded to your device or that you do not own appear in red.
Clicking on a red hyperlink will give you the opportunity to download
 or purchase the content.

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