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Why are there so many updates (red numbers) and do I need them?

The bubbled numbers on the covers of the volumes represent the amount of files that have pending updates. Unless you are having issues with your volumes you should not need to update more then once in a while (I suggest doing it once every two weeks).

 The updates that you see on the volumes are not updates to the application; they are updates to the contents of the files.

 So why are there so many updates even after a volume has been released? Regardless of how far this project has come, it is still a work in progress. We are constantly coming across new issues that need to be addressed, and various ways that we can clean up the text by means of scripts. This causes there to be many minor updates to the files. Most of the changes will go unnoticed unless you are looking very carefully. Every so often we will come across issues that are causing text to show up blank, pages to be swapped and so on. In the aforementioned scenarios - updating the volumes would be advised.

Unless you are experiencing issues, or cannot bear seeing red numbers on your volumes - there isn't really any need to update the files regularly. Our content is getting better day by day. We will soon come to a point where there will be very few updates being released. 

We appreciate all of your patience and understanding. Please keep sending in corrections!

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