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Downloading the App on Android Devices

You can install the free application from the Google Play Store by either simply clicking here from your device: The Artscroll Digital Library, and opening the link with the Play Store. OR by following the directions below:

1. From the home screen of your Android device, tap on the Google Play Store icon.

2. On the top right of your screen you will see a magnifying glass. To begin your search, tap on the magnifying glass and enter in the word "Artscroll" in the search box. Then click "search" (or the magnifying glass icon) on your keyboard.


3. Once you have found the ArtScroll application, click the small button "Install".

4. Once you click "Install", it will prompt you with app permissions. Tap "Accept" and the app will begin downloading to your device.

5. Once it has finished downloading, tap on "Open". You will be taken to the Library page, where a free 7-page sample of the current volume of Daf Yomi will begin downloading.


6. An icon will now appear on your home screen as well.